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fairer, faster payments

Direct from bank payments that are convenient and secure for merchants and their customers

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Cuts costs

KiKa cuts costs by dramatically reducing transaction fees. Get in touch to find out exactly how much KiKa could save your business.

Reduces Risk of Fraud

KiKa’s model, enabled by UK Open Banking regulations, means your business no longer needs to handle customer payment data or bear liability for fraud, so your staff can concentrate on adding value to your business.

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Immediate Payments

No more waiting around for your money - receive your funds instantly with KiKa! Our streamlined payment process makes KiKa perfect for you and your customers.

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KiKa: How it Works

How it works

KiKa enables customers to pay merchants directly from their bank accounts, which guarantees immediate payment via the Faster Payments Service. KiKa gives customers new payment flexibility and keeps their data protected.

We are being regulated by the FCA so you can rest assured that every KiKa payment is completely secure.

Frequently asked questions


What is UK Open Banking?
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UK Open Banking is a set of payment regulations that came into effect in January 2018. Open Banking is a secure way to give providers access to your financial data. The goal of Open Banking is to transfer the ownership of financial data from banks to customers. With Open Banking, customers can see a holistic view of their financial position and make payments directly from their bank account, through licensed providers such as KiKa.
Do you need a license?
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We provide Account Information and Payment Initiation Services - to do this we must be granted a license by the Financial Conduct Authority. Rest assured that KiKa is carefully regulated for your security.
How can I use KiKa?
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We team up with merchants to offer KiKa as a payment option for customers. If you’re a customer, simply choose KiKa at the checkout, or follow the link to KiKa provided by the merchant. Follow the instructions on the KiKa screens to confirm your payment. If you can’t see KiKa on the checkout screen, KiKa is not yet available with this merchant. If you’re a merchant and you’d like to offer KiKa to your customers, please get in touch with us below. We’d love to hear from you.
What do you charge to use KiKa?
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If you’re a customer, it’s completely free to use KiKa. Simply choose KiKa at the checkout. If you’re a merchant looking to use KiKa as a means of payment for your customers, get in touch with us below.
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    Easy Implementation
    Quick and simple implementation; KiKa can be easily integrated into your existing payments process and your back office systems.
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    One Process
    No matter whether your customer is making a web purchase, topping up their account, or paying an online invoice, the KiKa customer journey is the same.
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    One Feel
    Whether your customer is using their mobile, tablet or PC - they can pay conveniently with KiKa.
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    Safer & Faster
    New UK Open Banking regulations is making payments safer and faster than ever before

Get in touch

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+44 7917 011265
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