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If you’re having technical issues, we’d recommend checking the KiKa documentation.

If you need any further help, then please get in touch.

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Most KiKa transactions go through without a hitch. If you do have a problem, then click
the question that relates to your issue for the best way to get it quickly resolved.

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This can sometimes happen if a link has expired or been used too many times. You’ll need to contact the business you’re paying to get a new link.

Please check the balance of the account you’re paying from and try to make the payment again. If it fails, please contact us.

The first step is to check the bank account you paid with. It should show the payment straight away if you’ve paid. If not, just click the original link to follow the payment steps again.

You’ll need to contact the business you’re trying to pay to confirm the amount due or make any amendments.

You’ll need to speak to the business you’ve paid, as the funds will already have been transferred to their account.

You’ll need to talk to your bank for any queries around the funds in your account.

If your problem relates to the bill, the amount or how it’s split between parties, please contact the business that you’re paying.

If you have a specific problem related to the KiKa payment service, please get in touch.