Fair, Fast and Secure payments


Essex & Suffolk Water and Kikapay are piloting a new payment method called KiKa. We believe that this will be a really convenient way for our customers to pay because it uses your smartphone and mobile banking app.

A KiKa payment transfers money directly from your bank account to E&SW’s bank account and will show in your E&SW online account the following working day. These payments are similar to a bank transfer using faster payments but you don’t have to input any payment details.


  1. Click on the QR code on the letter, check the payment information is correct, select your bank and your banking app will then open.
  2. Log into your bank app as usual, and you will see a payment screen with the same payment information. Check it is the same and confirm the payment.
  3. Your bank may give you some warning messages and ask you to select why you are making the payment. Select the appropriate option and confirm.
  4. Your bank will pass you back to KiKa, where you can request an email proof of payment.

Share your feedback

We are running this pilot to find out how customers respond to paying using their mobile phone and banking app. We would like your feedback so we can improve the service. Send feedback to Essex&SuffolkKikapayment@eswater.co.uk.


Tips on using QR codes

  • Different smartphones have different ways of dealing with QR codes.
  • Most smartphone cameras will recognise a QR code automatically.
  • Some Android smartphones, e.g. Honor & Huawei phones, may need this function activated or selected on the camera.
  • If you have an old smartphone you may need to download a QR scanning app.
  • iPhones show a message at the top of the screen ‘Open “kikapay.com” in Safari’. Click on this message.


Kikapay is authorised and regulated by the UK Financial Conduct Authority: 815986